November, already?!


November is here, or so it seems, based on what the calendar is telling me. It seems like just yesterday it was October…wait, it was!
It’s been a busy last few weeks, with getting settled into our new home, filing paperwork with the cities and state sales departments, getting my vehicle wrap proofs done courtesy of The Maine Sign, attending Greeley Chamber of Commerce events, and spreading the word about the new window treatment option in town.

Fall was in the air when we arrived, then last Saturday I drug my carcass to the patio door, opened the shutters, and found not 8 tiny reindeer, but tiny snowflakes drifting down. Now, my family thinks I’m crazy most of the time, but when I came sliding into the bathroom in my socks to announce the news of snow’s arrival, all doubts were removed from their minds. I love being efficient like that, two birds/one stone and all that rot.

Anywho, in addition to the personal stuff like figuring out how to get my Colorado drivers license, insurance, and more, I’ve been setting up my Defender to carry my blind samples. Right now, I have a good cross section from Graber, Alta, Norman (LOVE their shutters!), Horizons, and Insolroll. This allows me to offer a big cross section of styles, so that my customers can find the perfect design for each application.

One thing I’m super excited about (besides the snow) is Rainer patio shades. While you might think it’s a little bit early to be talking about patios, may I suggest otherwise. With winter days being crystal clear at times, and snow intensifying the glare, having a Rainer patio or power screen shade can really help minimize the sun’s impact on your eyes, as well as help protect the interior of your home from UV rays.

In addition, if you are like me, you just can’t give up grilling because there is some white stuff scattered on the ground! Having a patio shade allows you to maximize that patio area for outdoor activities like grilling, because they are so effective at blocking the glare and reducing airflow i.e. wind. After all, what good does that expensive patio or deck do if you can only use it 6-8 months out of the year??

Another great thing I’m telling folks about is cellular shades, also called honeycomb shades. The powers that be in the Government have determined that they are helpful enough at mitigating heat loss through windows that they have decided to offer an incentive, namely, a tax credit of up to $1200.00 if purchased and installed before the year’s end! So, in theory, you could write off a portion or an entire cellular blind order, thanks to this incentive! In fact, not only can we do these blinds on windows and doors, we can do them on skylights, which if you think about it, is just a great big heat vent in the winter, and the inverse in the summer.

We are taking advantage of this for our home, and installing 4 double cell, motorized power shades on our skylights. These will be remote operated, and we can connect them to our Alexa via a bridge so that we can just yell at our future robot overlord and she’ll operate the skylight blinds for us! Pretty slick, huh? Plus, the robot overlords will like it too, because they will be able to control them without yelling at anyone.

So, if you’d like to take advantage of the tax credit, or extend your grilling season to year round, give us a call, we’d be happy to come show you all your options!

And before signing off, you MUST try this recipe for Pumpkin Spice Snickerdoodles, it’s amazing! (it’s not mine, nor am I taking credit for it).

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